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What is torque analysis:

Torque analysis provides graphical presentation of the forces being produced at any angle during the rotation of the cranks.  This graphical representation can show where force is being produced and can be used for evaluating technique or even for muscle operation such as rehabilitation.

Good Pedaling Technique

Bad Pedaling Technique


Why torque rather than power:

Torque is the tangential force being applied that will be translated into forward motion of the bike.  Power is that rate at which this force is being applied.  To produce more power you may either cycle faster with the same amount of force OR produce more force with the same cadence.
Torque analysis can show the force being produced and where in the rotation it is being produced and for how long.

Technique training:

By seeing where in each rotation the force is being produced, the rider may be able to adjust their technique to achieve a greater average torque more efficiently.  Overlaying the rotational pattern of another rider will enable to compare not just the power of two riders, but the difference in their technique in terms of where in the rotation their muscles are working.

Technical specs:

Currently 27 points per rotation are being used to map the torque a rider is exerting on the cranks.  This number of points (or angular resolution) is irrespective of cadence.  With future versions this may be extended up to 53 or even 106 points per rotation.  Other resolutions could be achieved however at 106 points this is finer than 3.4° resolution.


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