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The Aussie boat building legend

Bill Barry-Cotter sometimes jokes that it takes 40 years to build a Maritimo. In all seriousness, he means that it’s the culmination of his lifetime’s work.  A career that’s made him Australia’s most awarded boat builder – and renowned offshore racing champion.

In designing the Maritimo, Bill simply created the boat he had always wanted for himself. Having seen the best and worst of thousands of ocean-going vessels, he’s picked the features he admires and added a few of his own. For example, the fully enclosed walk around decks, outdoor island BBQ and beautifully styled timber and stainless steel stairwell have Bill’s fingerprints all over them.

Shaped by the Environment

About midway between the heavenly Great Barrier Reef and the hellish Tasman Sea is Queensland’s Gold Coast. This is the home of Maritimo, where the craft are appointed with all the mod-cons to be enjoyed in Australia’s northern tropics at the same time as being engineered to withstand the rough seas to the south.

With a structural integrity second to none and possibly the cleanest, neatest and best-protected engineering and electrical systems available, some scribes have gone as far to say that the Maritimo range is “over-engineered!”

Genuine long-range cruising

For aficionados’, the Maritimo has a variable deadrise planing hull with engines mounted forward and fuel tanks positioned amid ships. It’s this advanced hull design and weight distribution that provides balance and poise. It also ensures a Maritimo has a soft, smooth ride, stays level when turning, is quicker to plane and offers unrivalled fuel economy. What’s more, the large fuel tanks enable you to travel in excess of 1000 nautical miles on the plane without having to stop and refuel.

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