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Biobike, is a unique Ergo and fitting bike with dynamic movement, on the fly, with millimetre increments with the emphasis based on rider comfort with maximum Power output for the individual, this helps take the guesswork or trial and error away, it is a more scientific approach the bike fitting and testing.

1. Bicycle frame measuring in a scientific way
2. Sports testing for power output and detection of athletic movement
3. Training tools, utilising torque analysis
4. Swipe card recognition
5. Store test data into a computer or smartphone
6. Variation in design for the medical field
7. Ideal for an upmarket super spinning bike
1. Frame Measuring

The Biobike is fitted with various electronic devices such as power measuring systems, torque analysis system, athletic movement detection, as the frame can be moved whilst the athlete is in motion it is easy to find the perfect riding position of which is one that is comfortable and outputs the maximum power.

2. Sports Testing

The Biobike can be used to take Left and right leg power output measurements, with the aid of the torque analysis system a more scientific approach can be taken for many area's of testing

3. Training Tool

With the torque analysis tools many variations of workouts can be achieved such as hill tests, Wingate tests and the software allows for the individual to program their specific workouts, such as intervals , virtual rides, etc, the gears change automatically to the pre-set program.

4. Swipe Card Recognition

With the swipe card, people can use the system knowing each and every time they do, the frame size will be set for them with pre-stored information, the card can also be used to take home data for downloading on their PC ,or to a smart phone.

5. Data Collection

Data collected can be stored into a PC , Smart-Phone or main frame computer, this is especially useful in the area of medical, but also is good for interactive pursuits.

6. Medical

The medical version of Biobike is user friendly for people with disabilities, injuries and recovery , again the data from a patient can be stored and pulled up when that person re-visits the professional medical practise ,a hospital or Physiotherapist or similar, due to the use of the torque analysis system with left and right leg actual a more accurate assessment of a patients recovery can be determined.

7. Super Spinning Bike

Gym bike spinning is a very popular, many countries of whom are snow bound have a massive following in the gyms and especially for the spinning bike, to date many spinning bikes are still poorly designed and incorrectly used by the gym operators and their clients.


By utilising some of the Biobike features such as swipe card and specific software packages  the users can just swipe a Biobike spin bike and all their personal details will appear, this includes the bike moving to their exact frame size, it will not matter what gym or hotel, cruise ship and similar the person may go to once the bike has been swiped with their card the Biobike will just bring up all the last details of from wherever they were last using a  Biobike.

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