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The Biobike spin bike is the most versatile spin bike made, just the fact that after an initial fitting session, you can save your details to a swipe card or a similar format, not only that but the bike will go from a size 46 to a size 66 so covering a wide range of body types.

Biobike has a unique workout system, it is self setting, this means you can set the time and gear changes to suit the workout one requires, for example if you wanted to do a step test, you could just apply say from gear 5 to gear 15 to change at 30 second or 1 minute intervals, this feature also makes it more realistic when using video footage of a  tour stage or the like by integrating the gear changes to the terrain you will get a very realistic outcome, the latter is in process.

Part of the design process was to get the Biobike as close as possible to a real road feel and this has been accomplished, this makes working out indoors a little more pleasurable than current systems.

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