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Sports science facilities
Sporting clubs
Armed forces and simulators
Gymnasiums ( spinning )
Bike shops
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Different configurations will be used for:
Aged Car Facilities

Current or to be implemented

For the rider

  1. Cadence
  2. Heart Rate
  3. Core body temperature
  4. Optional time
  5. Optional timer ( with count down features

Display for operators hand held controller

  1. Cadence
  2. Heart Rate  
  3. Gear selection
  4. Power in Watts ( left and right )
  5. Core body temperature
  6. Ambient temperature

Data to be encoded in computer, PCmcia card, Dongle or similar

  1. Name of user
  2. User’s measurements and personal data
  3. Date
  4. Time
  5. Session number ( per user )
  6. Nature of test ( Insert number in a designated box that will enable software to gather selected data
    1. Position
      1. Road Bike
      2. Triathlon Bike
      3. TT Bike
    2. Power
    3. Spinning
    4. Rehabilitation
  7. Duration of test_E.G Set test level in designated box to:
    1. 1 Minute for power Testing
    2. 2 minutes for power testing
    3. 5 Minutes power testing
    4. 15 + minutes for position and endurance testing
  8. Cadence
  9. Heart Rate
  10. Power in Watts
  11. Torque
  12. Notional speed
  13. maximum and average cadence
  14. Maximum and average power
    1. For total session
    2. At 4 points in rotation of crank-arms ( left and right ) for total session
  15. Maximum and average torque
    1. total session
    2. Minimum 4 points in rotation of each crank-arm

Measurements and specification particulars

  • Seat tube length, Top tube length, Stem length, Head tube angle ,Seat tube angle, Saddle height and set back at start of position testing session
  • Top tube, Stem length, saddle height and set back could be automatically adjusted by computer measurements to:
  1. Minimum
  2. Average
  3. Maximum
  • Gear Used ( Optional )
  • Shoe/Foot angle in degrees in relation to axle in both X and Y axis
  • Shoe/Foot angel in degrees in relation to the cranks arm ( Theoretical maximum power is generated when force is exerted at 90 deg to the crank arm
  • Leg knee extension angle in degrees at Top dead centre and Bottom dead centre
  • Trunk angle in degrees in relation to horizontal
  • .Head on assessment of knee position and variation from vertical to centre of axle
  • Cleat position in relation to axle
  • Brand of shoes and size
  • Brand of pedals
  • Height of insole from pedal axle
  • Width of bars
  • Type of seat
  • Length of seat
  • TEST Recommended frame measurements at end of test
  • V02 test data if available
  • Time in various heart rate zones















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