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1. The Bike Fit
A correct bike fit is an essential requirement to aid maximum performance, the best way to do this is to find the most comfortable position for the individual , comfort = power output and comfort = no injuries.

The only way to find the above is in a dynamic format, where the bike measuring system is able to move into 1mm increments, whilst the person having the fit does not stop pedalling from the start of the bike fit to the completion, only Biobike can do this.

2. Data Collection

Biobike has many features other than it's ability to move in a dynamic way we use power measuring systems of which have an actual left and right leg output, so a detection of unequal power on one side can be forwarded to a specialist for examination, if this is the case then it may be a requirement that the person consults their specialist before the bike fit can be completed, it is essential that your body be in reasonable shape before you commit to a new bike or frame.

3. Frame Analysis

If there are no major injuries then all the data collected can be transferred to a suggested frame size, depending on the brand of frame , many are different in the top tube and seat tube length, but no matter, a final best bike position will be arrived at with adjustments in the handle bar stem length, seat position etc.

4. Frame to Requirements

One of the annoying things in the world of cycling is that people buy bikes that are just not suited to them, this happens for a variety of reasons, poor fitting bikes make for a very unhappy bike rider, having to put up with constant discomfort and injuries and many people ride bikes with these problems not knowing these problems can be rectified.

5. Satisfied Customer

A perfect fitting bike makes the journey worthwhile, it does not matter if you are a pro rider or a weekend warrior, if the bike fits well then you will be counting the hours down to your next ride.

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