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The Aussie boat building legend

Bill Barry-Cotter sometimes jokes that it takes 40 years to build a Maritimo. In all seriousness, he means that it’s the culmination of his lifetime’s work.  A career that’s made him Australia’s most awarded boat builder – and renowned offshore racing champion.

In designing the Maritimo, Bill simply created the boat he had always wanted for himself. Having seen the best and worst of thousands of ocean-going vessels, he’s picked the features he admires and added a few of his own. For example, the fully enclosed walk around decks, outdoor island BBQ and beautifully styled timber and stainless steel stairwell have Bill’s fingerprints all over them.


1. Improve running speed/power beyond normal training benefits
    many are a minute per mile faster in 3 months
2. Improve cycling speed/power beyond normal training benefits
    many are 2-3 mph faster in 6 months
3. Increase VO2max
    15-20% improvements have been shown.
4. Reduce risk of injury in the athlete
    correcting the cause of many non-impact injuries.In summary, PowerCranks help the athlete go way beyond what normal training can accomplish.

Cranks do this by:

5. Training additional muscles
6. Ensuring leg and core balance
7. Improve training time management
8. Faster/better rehabilitation after injury or surgery
9. And, there are benefits for many other athletes and non-athletes.

SRM Germany

Setting the gold standard in sports power measurement

SRM - Schoberer Rad Messtechnik - was founded by engineer Ulrich Schoberer in 1986. Prior to this the qualified medical engineer had spent many years thinking up and experimenting with ways to measure an athlete's power output on the pedals under real conditions during an actual ride.

Up until the eighties, no adequate method had been found to measure performance on a bike in training or racing, you still had to rely on lab testing instead. This meant that athletes were forced to go back and forth between their real performance - cycling on the road or cross country - and the ergometer in the lab. With lab testing, they still couldn’t tell how their performance had changed over a period of a few hours, either in a race or in training. Lab testing was an intermittent check-up, at best, but couldn’t tell athletes anything about how they were performing day-to-day. And the most important performance – during competition – couldn’t be tested.

It wasn‘t until Ulrich Schoberer developed and patented the SRM Training System that it at last became possible to measure power in watts while cycling. SRMs measure the only aspect of training that is absolute, POWER, which isn’t affected by the kinds of influences, like weather conditions (temperature, wind) you see when you measure physiological variables such as heart rate or speed. Even better, pedalling power is measured at the point where output really occurs, on the special crank, the SRM Powermeter.

Today the SRM Training System has become standard equipment for the world's leading professionals in cycling and triathlon such as Lance Armstrong, Greg Lemond, Mario Cippolini, Paolo Bettini, Erik Zabel, Nicole Cooke, Kristin Armstrong, Amber Neben, Sabine Spitz, Mark Cavendish, Bert Grabsch, Normann Stadler and many others, for national teams, sport universities, coaches and all recreational athletes who take training seriously. For years now they have being using the SRM Training System as a reliable and indispensable training instrument in cycling, and now professional athletes from other sports, such as NHL hockey players, cross-country skiers and Formula One drivers have started using them as well.

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